Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pirate Preview Day 5!

 It's Forbidden Treasure!
Forbidden or not, Maxine is sure enjoying the heck out of it isn't she?
Just look at her wild hair... is she not the cah-Yutest!?

Maxine was another awesome image to color.
I just had to make her a cartoon red head.
I left the card pretty plain to showcase Maxine,
but I couldn't resist adding the famous
"Diamonds are a girls best friend line".

Well I know Betty will be happily in her seat for the
midnight showing of Pirates 4 tonight, but
I will be happily in bed! I will be seeing the movie tomorrow at 1pm
at the El Capitan in Hollywood, the BEST
place to see a Disney Movie.

I will see you back Tomorrow
for the Finale!

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