Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Team Edward or Team Jacob? It's a very hard question to answer if you are a Twilight fan.

I made these cards awaiting the release of Eclipse. The Edward and Jacob are from The Greeting Farm. Although Jacob is actually Michael. The wolf is from Rubber Stampede. The trees are from Stampscapes. I printed the wolf pack tatoo from a Twilight fan site.

Thanks for looking. And I am totally Team Edward!


  1. 100% team Edward YUM id love to run with vampires !!!! love both of your card hun there fab, ive recent made twilight cards too xxxx

  2. These are great! I'm not into the Twilight saga, but I can totally relate to the captivation. I'm a huge fan of Trueblood and I constantly dance between Team Bill and Team Eric. Hmmm, dancing with Bill and Eric...starting to lose focus and drift off into a fuzzy daydream ;D

  3. Yeah I love Trueblood too. Although sometimes it's a bit to gory for me. Bill's cool but Eric gets my vote!

  4. Agreed...Eric is hotness personified ;D

  5. Love the cards but I'm sry I'm team Jacob all the way! :) lol! I was wondering on Jacobs one how did you get the ratio on michaels arm? Making card for my friend because breaking dawn is coming out and though this was perfect! TFS :)


Thanks for looking! :)