Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Put me in a Burton Film!

Today's sneek peak will be combined with The Burtonesque Dolls
bi-weekly challenge and we have a fun one for you!
Meet Ellenore... she is one cah-YUTIE! I love that doll of hers!
 Ellanore is dying to be put into a Burton film...
who wouldn't want to be a part of that world right?
So as you take a peek of the DT's awesome
Ellanore creations you are challenged to:
Put Me in a Burton Film!  Which means take your image,
any image and put that image in any Burton film... think Alice,
Mrs. Lovette, Lidia, PeeWee Herman, Jack Skellington...
the sky's the limit!  Just...


How much fun does that sound? to Burton-fy any image!
I am going to have to play along with you guys on this one!
Oh and I have a great idea!!!!
Here is my Ellanore, she is my second favorite Burton-weenie,
you will have to wait to see my Favorite.

I totally lifted her hair from my fellow Doll Danielle,
hers is slightly different but I just loved the look.
Thanks Danielle!
I have been using all these fun sentiments on my Burton-weenies cards,
but could not find the right one for Ellanore.
But it seems to me that this card should be something
about Love, because she is kinda holding that doll tight.
Maybe a little too tight.
See you all back tomorrow!

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  1. AWE... thanx!!! You did a GREAT job with the blue too! LOL! GREAT card (funny too)! LOL!


Thanks for looking! :)