Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ron in Burtonland!

Today we are previewing Ron... but wait not just previewing but challenging you to create your own Potterish character and place that character in any Burton movie... basically the Potters using the Floo network and ended up in Burtonland!  It does not have to be Ron either it can be any character, any image that may resemble any Potter of course and put them in Burtonland!

You have until July 25th at 10pm PST to upload your Potters in Burtonland projects... one lucky winner will get to pick three of the new Potter Digis all for their creating pleasure! 

I of course had to put Ron in my Favorite Movie
so here is my project. Ron has landed in Halloween Town
and seems a little peeved. LOL!

Come back tomorrow and to see the next preview.

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