Monday, November 1, 2010

On the 12th Day of Halloween...

My Ghoul Love gave to me 12 Witches Cackling! Can you believe Halloween is over :( and so is the 12 Days of Halloween Challenge.

I left the best for last, Witch Betty of course! I created a 12 Days of Halloween box to hold all my creations for the challenge. My original design was going to include the 12 days poem but my computer decided to crash yesterday so had to change it up a bit. When you open the lid and see Witch Betty you hear a ghoulish cackle coming form the box, courtesy of a cackling coffin I placed on the bottom of the box. All and all I was pleased how it turned out. Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. ooooooo love it
    pppfff iam tired , but iam not finised with my project
    its almost bedtime here in holland

  2. So sweet! I am loving this one! I just got my little project in and wanted to stop by to see the other entries. Great job!


  3. what a fantastic idea and it looks brilliant x

  4. I love this idea and what a great way to store all of your projects! I've already given half mine away but it would be so fun to have them all together. ;D

  5. Looks like a whole box of Halloween goodness!! Makes me want to dig in and have a look-see ;D


Thanks for looking! :)