Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I made this fun card for my friends Birthday.
Happy Birthday Becky!

She is a Twilight fan, as am I.
I used "Love Sparkles" by Pixie Dust Studio,
You can't really tell from the picture,
but my Edward has a sparkle.
I am  loving Pixie Dust Studio's digi's they are just too cute.

I know some of you die hard Vampire fans don't like the sparkle fangless vampires 
but it's really just a love story and who doesn't love a love story.
It took my friends and husband a year of prodding to convince me to read the
Twilight Series and I am really glad I did.
So if you haven't read it because it's about sparkle, fangless vampire teen love, I say give it a chance!
That's my rant about Twilight. :)
Thanks or looking!

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